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Illustrations of everyday life. Julian Landini

Julian Landini 1

If we think a second of how artists use today the female figure as the focus of their production, we realize that many. For various reasons  we find that the female body is claimed again and again to fill the content of artworks that we enjoy today. But, the same forme that there are many artists, there are multiple looks that we will see the same source. Among them increasingly known work of Julian Landini is located.


This argentine illustrator becomes a pen strokes in to amazing pieces of art. The lines, that draw the figure and shape the furniture and objects that complete the scene, contrast with the bright colors, that as soon mark the focus of attention, as, on the contrary, emphasize the silhouettes of those women. These bright colors arise from occasional use of colored pencils  and watercolors. They are all simple techniques, which together give rise to complex representations.


They are everyday  scenes that show us many emotions in a raw and direct, but not unpleasant . Nostalgia, laughter, loneliness , tenderness mixed with a slight sensuality and a tone sometimes ironic, sometimes absurd, sometimes melancholy, that converts  images into representations of everyday life, a life full of real details. Details subtly hidden social taboos, in which you have to stop a second to get to really capture them.

Julian Landini

Ju Landini

Julian Landini captures moments  of spontaneity born everyday.  He represents womenon foot, leaving ther immediate environment,  and that  breaks the standards of  beauty set a move by the fashion and advertising company. Women are expressive a detailed reflection of reality that is easy to empathize with and hard to forget.


Jul Landini

Marina P. Villarreal


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  1. Inlaion
    7 octubre, 2014

    they are so nice!
    I’m illustrator. If you want, come to my blog and see my illustrations and pictures. And if they like you, you are free to follow me! Thanks!

    Me gusta


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