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The ephemeral art of Joe Iurato


Nowadays we can find many variants of traditional styles. The artists reinvent repeatedly the skills with which the art was born and he was growing. There are countless the possibilities that we can discover, since every artist is capable of creating a piece of news, of giving him a proper mark that does of this new miscellany or combination the only identity. The artworks, that Joe Iurato realizes, have this only identity. If we separate its artwork in techniques, we find: sculpture in wood, painting of spray (although this one isn´t very traditional, rather modern), and photography. Close all of them give place to incredible pieces, which attract anyone attention.


                All the work begins in the wooden pieces, small sculptures sprayed with spray of that there paint the portrait personages of very diverse ages and cultures. Personages who so soon appear jumping, climbing, practicing skate, in thoughtful position or working, between many other things. These small wooden pieces receive its finished sense  after it are located in cracks of walls, rims of platforms, puddles, etc. that turn the world that we know in a giants  inhabited by a few tiny beings, just as we in appearance, but of wood. An entertaining game of scales that becomes clear with the later photo of sculputure in the elected environment, the only testimony of the existence of the above mentioned work.


There are inevitably ephemeral works, since or the climate, or the people who over there happens, it makes to eliminate the pieces. It is for it the photo the one that gives voice finally to these original pieces that break the environment that we know and that they give not only a game of scales and perspectives, but, also, of reflections, of different looks that, yes, sometimes are entertained, playful, surrounds us, our environment.


                All its works can be in New Jersey, where he lives, nevertheless we can know them across the photographic apprehensions that are reaching an incredible international diffusion.


images (1)images

He describes his artwork on its website saying: “I use layers of hand cut paper and spray paint to create texture and form – a modern adaptation of an old-fashioned printing process. My art is nothing more than the exploration and documentation of personal experiences. These are my stories and how I choose to tell them. The site-specific placements of the pieces often utilize the urban environment to complete their narratives”.          




To view more about his artwork click here.

                Marina P. Villarreal



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