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Cristina Otero: ART with capital letters

Stop for a moment to see her photos is to delve into a new world, not only because you can discover a great artist like Cristina Otero, but because through her photographs, you can sink into a universe of fantastic creatures and stories that narrate the artist experiences, her sensations and feelings, because as she says, her photography is almost like a personal diary, a memory of what happens in her life.


Cristina Otero

To do this, Cristina Otero uses herself as the art itself. They are images carefully studied in which the makeup (made by the artist) and the light play a very important role, resulting in pictures with great impact and quality that the viewer must decipher while he is seeing them. Thus, by using her creativity, this young photographer achieves with a medium that portrays the overall reality, to bring us to a fantastic world whose source of inspiration is the common day, or the work by great photographers such as Zhang Jinga or Steven Klein.
Her images are almost always a closeup that echoes the psychology of the model, and without realizing it, they induce us to do an introspective analysis of what we are. They are works that go beyond what we see at the first glance, they tell the story of yesterday and today, and a future that is still uncertain. Bucolic landscape scenes or with animals as protagonists in a fabulous play of color, light and shadow that give Cristina Otero’s production, not just an interesting content, but an aesthetic where the creativity and the work of the artist is more than tangible.


Cristina Otero


Cristina Otero

Undoubtedly, Cristina Otero is one of the most promising photographers of the current art scene; her artwork was exhibited in The Kir Royal Gallery when she was only 15, making her the youngest artist to exhibit in Spain. But her production is not limited to art; she has also worked for the advertising world, as well as solidarity work for different associations.


Cristina Otero

Her work is ART with capital letters. She is an example that young artists are still able to offer quality and make us see that art continues to grow and surprise us, giving us sublime pieces like the ones which have been done by this photographer, to who we predict a promising future in the artistic field.


Cristina Otero

Artist Website: www.cristinaotero.com

 By Sara Gimeno Pose



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