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Sadik Jaafar’s art

It is clear that we all have a clear perspective of the world and we see it in a particular way. Some people use that vision as a sobering element in their lives,others create stories, and there are those who use that vision as a source for their inspiration etc. But then, there are those like Sadik Jaafar who not only see the truth but are able to capture it on paper through their hands and creativity that characterize them.

8-Measuring (34-49 cm ) Price ( 900 $ )

Sadik Jaafar

This multifaceted Iraqi artis tworks with several techniques and styles such as realism, abstraction or hyperrealism. He focuses primarily on the depiction of the everyday life and the individual. In many of the series we can see the importance of the women in his artwork.Throughout the female universe, Sadik Jaafar is representing eternity, continuity and fertility,establishing parallels with the earth as the mother of all things. Sometimes these women are presented to us in a clear and direct way; however, sometimes the artist uses subtlety to invite us to discover those hidden figures between brushstrokes and abstract strokes and drawing parallels between the elegance oft he pictorial lines and those that make the female body.


Sadik Jaafar

He is focusing his latest works on the hyper-realistic style. They are all charcoal scenes, depicting the reality of his country, its people, its traditions and the role of each individual in the social context in which they operate. Usually anonymous characters unwittingly become the protagonists of great stories. Close-ups that make us delve into the psychology of the portrayed and make us participants of a reality so far for us. At the same time, he is able to transcend cultures and borders. We peek into the privacy of those people who like, every one of us, live their day to day.

3-Measuring (55-63 cm ) Price ( 1000 $ )

Sadik Jaafar

14-Measuring (25-34 cm ) Price ( 800 $ )

Sadik Jaafar

Aspects such as the marvelous treatment of light and shadow, as well as the faithful representation of textures, become the production of this artist in which, we can look out the universe and enjoy the beauty and greatness like through a small window.

21-Measuring (25-35 cm ) Price ( 700 $ )

Sadik Jaafar

Artist web: www.sadikjaafar.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Artist-Sadiq

Sara Gimeno Pose.



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