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Miguel Ángel Belinchón (a.k.a Belin) is one of the most well-known Spanish urban artists worldwide. He was born in Linares, Jaén (1979) and he has been painting since fifteen.

Under the tag of “Slam Master”, Belin hit his hometown in order to make a name of him and join the world of graffiti.


His style has been changing; He is known for his pieces but his characters are the main protagonist of his graffiti, mixing both 2D and 3D style. All his works are heavily influenced by hyper-realism and, for this reason; Belin is an important Street-Artist.


Although his graffities usually show surrealistic images, his works are also influenced by Wild Style and Model Pastel.

Belin drawings are about human or created characters with impossible forms, mixing animal or anthropomorphic parts. However, he has also drawn portraits about famous people, such as Albert Einstein or Pablo Picasso (near the entrance to Bailén, Linares). Belin considers graffiti as a link between the streets and people who walks about them. Graffiti also bring these dreary places to life.


This is Belin’s Modus Operandi: he always uses black spray cans to draw the outline, prime the wall with white primer and then he adds different colors. The most difficult part is to get the outline in proportion; these lines which mark out his sketches. Art is running through his veins, so he feels very comfortable while sketching and painting. His works captivate everybody because they have personality and charisma.

One of the most remarkable pieces has his father portrayed as a superhero. According to Belin, “Average people like us do not realize what they are capable of”. In this graffiti, Belin uses bright colors to paint a hyper realistic portrait. It also has some expressionist shades, because it is full of expression.


Belin was given the Young Artist Award in Jaén and his artwork is now exhibited in some countries such as Spain, German, Italy, and the United Kingdom or in the United States. He has also taken part in many contemporary art festivals and other exhibitions in art galleries.

Sara Gimeno Pose

 Translated by: José María Ares Martínez



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