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Women and food by Lee Price

Who don’t remember those scenes of American romantic comedies in which a woman swallows a huge chocolate ice cream watching TV while she is crying anguished because of the loss of her “love of her life”? It seems a rather hackneyed stereotype, however it has resulted in a series of paintings by the realist painter Lee Price, who examines the relationship between women and food. It is not a mere representation, or reviewing a topic, it is rather a reflection of the loss of control to distressing situations that lead to compulsive activities, like eating.


Lee Price

Women who, in an intimate space as the tub or bed, are shown to us without them noticing it. For doing this, Lee Price uses an aerial perspective at the time of making her paintings, which evokes the feeling of an experience that is foreign to our body. It is the idea of ​​getting caught in compulsive behavior but at the same time being unable to control ourselves and stop.


Lee Price. Lemon Slices II

They are self-portraits, however, may embody any woman in the world, under these seemingly everyday scenes underlay the issue of eating disorders.


Lee Price. Snack

Lee Price took as inspiration the main figure of the novel written by Lewis Carroll, “Alice in Wonderland” , it perfectly embodies those women who are not comfortable with their body, sometimes too big and others too small in a society where the cult of the body and the beauty seems to be the most important thing.


Lee Price. Hot Chocolate

Over the past seven years, this New York artist has been focused on her paintings to discover, in a different way, how often we cling to things which evade us of a present that is uncomfortable and not deal with it. This is frequently much more damaging than confront the problem. However, and despite everything, the artist herself says that her paintings not only reveal a negative aspect, but the pleasure that causes doing certain things, such as eating.


Lee Price

The series closes with the picture “Sleeping with peaches” in which, a woman sleeps next to a plate of peaches without devouring them, this is a transition piece to her next series, where we will see a positive association between food and women, because not everything in life is wearing a size 38 and counting calories.


Lee Price. Sleeping with peaches

Artist website: www.leepricestudio.com

Sara Gimeno Pose



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