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11Q to Paolo Troilo

Paolo Troilo (1972) was born in Taranto. He has recieved many national and international awards, and due to he has took part in “La Biennale  di Venezia” in 2012, his career  boosted and he became one of the best contemporary Italian artist. Duas  had the priviledge to interview him, and this is what we got.


Paolo Troilo. images of archive

  • To better understand your artwork, tell us, When did you start to paint? How was the beginning?

I started 10 years ago, before that I was a drawer for passion since I was 4 years old. In the meantime after schools I worked for 15 years in advertising for Saatchi&Saatchi and Arnold.

  • Some people have compared your artwork with some artists, like the sculptures by Miguel Angelo but which are your artistic references? Have you been influenced by that kind of artist?

My artistic references are Guttuso, Sironi, Michelangelo, Picasso. There’s no relation between them, as there is no limit to the influence that they had on me, is not only because of their art but mostly because of their research, their unsatisfied life.


Paolo Troilo. “Bosphorus” made in occasion of Istanbul_the seed_ September 2012

  • Are your artistic references your only source of inspiration?

My life is my inspiration, I look at it as a unique experience and a common sense at the same time, what I feel is similar to what everybody feels, the reaction is the only difference. The art of the masters is nothing more than a push to the research of my personal view.

  • One of the most interesting things in your artwork is the technique, How did you start to paint with your own fingers? Which new alternatives can you explore painting with your fingers instead of a paint brush?

It is funny how I made a step back in the evolution, I abandoned the tools of art to go back to our roots, and everybody is excited by this technique, to me is more “natural” than grabbing a brush. Results? A chaotic sign brought by the vibration of the blood that beat inside the top of my index finger. A hit of DNA, a reaction to tools. Whatever, I started with fingers because I forgot to buy brushes, exactly 10 years ago; I’ve been beautifully illuminated by the “case”.

6.no title

Paolo Troilo. Untitled.

2.origamy of new years day

Paolo Troilo. “Origamy of new years day” made in occasion of Singapore_Humans among aliens October 2013

  • The words we would use to explain your artwork would be “expressiveness” and “strength”, this is because your artwork seem to be made by emotions instead of paint. How would you define the conceptual content on your work?

Since you were a kid everybody is concerned when you fall, when you feel something bad, or everyone (more or less) shows happiness for your happiness, but your pain, your happiness is only yours, because the reaction to all the emotions is not something that you can share. I try to tell to people that precise moment. Sometime I enjoy telling a story; sometime it is just a jab of pure emotions.

  • If we study your production, we can see that most of your artworks are in black and white. Do you consider that it grants more expressiveness to your pieces, and it obliges the observer to focus on what is on the canvas without any distraction?

Black and white is an illusion, so what better than tell about a tough and uncomfortable reality with 2 not-colors de-touched from reality.


Paolo Trilo. “Dad” made in occasion of Ttroilo San Francisco second half November 2014

  • The characters that appear in your canvas could be consider as a self-portraits, but is that your real intention?

I try to keep pure the roots of the emotions asking to myself to feel it and then I use this visual to create something that is not strictly related to me. In all my canvases, technically speaking, the subject is me, but it’s a kind of mirror for the others.

  • These characters are always over a neutral surface. Is this for a special reason or it is something by chance?

No colors, no references, no walls, nothing can hide or change the nature of what happen.

5.no title.

Paolo Troilo. Untitled.

  • How do you describe your artwork?

To me it is art and not work.

  • You have take part in some projects, but if you could chose one, which one is the one you have enjoyed more?

The “making-of” of my son Antonio. Because it is a work in progress that you can’t compare to any other project.

  • Concerning projects, there is some project would you like to do?

Wow, you’re opening a door on infinite possibilities. I would like to express myself free from the rules of the art-market and from all the money that changes the minds. This is the most difficult project for an artist.


Paolo Troilo. “Israel” made in occasion of Presler Museum opening. March 2014


Artist website: www.troilo54.com




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