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ALBERTO RODRÍGUEZ SERRANO or the most abstract realism

Alberto Rodríguez Serrano invited us in his studio in Madrid with the confidence and the security of an artist who has been wandering around different art gallerias and exhibitions walls. But his first demonstration was just eight months ago, thing that, in spite of his young age and his first work, seems not to scare the versatile artist.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, degree in Drawing and Graphic Design; drawing, photography and airbrushing professor; co-founder of Arte Esbozos Studio-Workshop, among other things (his biographical merits and his works are available to read in his webpage: http://arsonline.es/), he has the virtue of expressing himself with words as good as with art.


“I believe that we are all potential artist, the only difference is that artists choose the art path and that path should be more like a life style than a simple job. Personally, in the long way of knowledge, I’ve been more an autodidact. I don’t want to undervalue the work of the professors, but a professor is just a guide; we ourselves are the ones that should walk the way”, he tells us next to one of his biggest works in which we can see a horse, and in which he tells us “it is made using my hand as a simple tool”.


Alberto is 25 years old and he builds himself as an artist with the shadow of the biggest ones behind, trying to take advantage of art history, “internalizing and taking from each artist the pros and the cons”. He has in mind that to reach to what he is doing, artist are lucky because “we have the great luck to support ourselves on the shoulders of great genius”.


He started making exhibitions in Florence and Venice; “Italy has taking well care of me. It has another way to focus. It became a step forward in my professional life”. His beginnings in Madrid started in march 2014, in Pons Foundation; and in august in David Bardía Gallery, but he tells us that he has tried in different occasions to exhibit, having in mind that “you are going to fall thousands of times but you have to get up, some door is going to open sooner or later”.


His style, his technique and his themes are difficult to put together because he seems to like to experiment and he doesn’t focus only in drawing, but he practices with serigraphy, sculpture, etc.; so that as he says “If you only draw, you control two dimensions, not three”. He dares himself with any technique, working with the one that he feels more confortable with.

He is a multifaceted artist that can’t can be given any define style. His constant artistic evolution takes it in a path where he tries each one of the techniques that he encounters. Nevertheless, it can’t be denied how easy is for him to adapt himself to each of the techniques because his results are really surprising. His work is a compilation of all the techniques plus his own visual repertoire. “What I do now is not the same that I will do later. My work is in constant evolution, in fact, I consider that I have had a technical and mental evolution really big in the last five months”.


Also, his art involves fashion. He has collaborated with the designers Luisa Fortuny and María Lafuente (with this last one in her last Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid) painting the fabric of the dresses. He introduces his style and technique but not the reference because the most important thing is not the pattern that he does, but the dress. For the first fashion show, he painted the dress but for the second show, instead of doing with his hands, he used tint that you can only see in a specific light; at first sight you can only see a figure and, with the camera flashes, the aurea proportion appears in that figure. This was all made in Germany. “The important part is not the tooling that I make, but what María Lafuente does because the dress and the pattern are chosen by her”.

desfile phi

Without being a big social media person (sometimes he shows his work in Facebook), fact that is curious because nowadays it doesn’t seem to be a better distribution place, he knows by heart that “one thing is offering art and other is the art industry”. As soon as we ask him about if there are more friends or enemies in the profession, he sets it clear: “there are workmates, and I don’t have any enemy”.


When we ask him about if his work is marked by his hyperrealism, he reacts in a contingent way; “yes but no”. And when he tells us about his work process, we understand why; abstraction is a very important matter in his work due to “abstraction is to eliminate from reality everything that is not important through the eyes of a person that creates the work, so you can focus on what it is really relevant. I have to know how and why I got there” . Depending on the context and whatever he wans to write, he will adapt himself du to “you don’t need a strong detail to transmit what one feels, in fact, sometimes those details put you away from that goal”.


We finish this meeting with a last question about his immediate future projects, and we discover he has a complete agenda; collective exhibition in the Padua Fair in November; a individual exhibition in David Bardía Gallery in February; Milan in May, Venice in June, Monaco in October and Miami in November. Also, he confesses us that he is going to publish a book in which he talks about his conception of art and the artist.


But we can give you a preview about what Alberto Rodríguez Serrano thinks about art because for him it exist “a concept of general art, which is everything that is considered universal art; and personal art, which is what you consider art”.

Amanda H C y Sara Gimeno Pose

Translated by Vicky Mancebo


Un comentario el “ALBERTO RODRÍGUEZ SERRANO or the most abstract realism

  1. Maica
    20 febrero, 2015

    Una gran exposicion, Fusión de dos Artistas. Creadores de sueños. Frescos e innovadores. Buscando lo vello, que esta dentro de cada uno. MARIA LAFUENTE junto con un joven y gran talento, que es ALBERTO RODRIGUEZ SERRANO.

    Gracias por alegrarnos la vista y el corazón.

    Carmen Serrano López

    Me gusta


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