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MADRID EN DANZA, a retrospective of the international dance festival.

On November the 30th, the XXIX edition of the international festival, which opted this year for an interconnection of cultures coming from Morocco and France to Canada or the Principality of Monaco, closed, besides the brilliant performance of flamenco culture, which this year came at the hands of companies like Manuel Liñán or Rocío Molina.


Held in Madrid, the festival was the scene of a dialogue between the most contemporary and innovative artistic panorama, through experimental dance, ballet and flamenco.


Undoubtedly one of the big two and innovative proposals was the host of HAABLK! in which scene the Spanish and North African identities are combined from the dance with its own language and the poetry. Also the French Elephant in The Black Box and his work Las 4 estaciones de Victoria, where he talks about a trip into the memories and love from the text written by Evan Lovewood with a performing characterized by the body elegance and precision. “Muted by recent events, Victoria felt that there was nothing left of it. Her past, now seemed the dream of another person, a memory of another life… a life that no longer remembered…”.


As for the Spanish contemporary scene, we might stand out the company of Daniel Doña, with his show called Black Box, where the lights, shadows and silence are combined to become a new proposal on the Spanish dance. In addition to the performance of Fabian Thomé’s company which his scene goes between shadows which are inspired by the body to make a reflection on the relentless pursuit of our own light in a world of shadows “Sometimes we doubt who we are, what we do, decisions we make. it might be easier to understand that nothing is complete, we are not one and the balance is inevitably unstable”.


Paula L. Montero



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