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Estrella Morente and Víctor Ullate together in the Royal Theatre


On January the 3rd, a major proposals for this season in contemporary Spanish scene was held in Madrid. A fusion of the best of Spanish flamenco and contemporary dance was presented by two great artists: The cantaora Estrella Morente and choreographer Victor Ullate.


The Royal Theatre was the venue chosen in which a review of Amor Brujo (work of the writer Manuel de Falla, perhaps one of the most representative creations the literature of the early twentieth century) appeared for a short time hanging the sign “sold out”.


With an Andalusian character, El amor brujo delves into the gypsy mysticism, in pure  love and in its most primitive and essential form. The play tells the story of Candela, a gypsy girl, whose love for Carmelo is haunted by the ghost of his former lover. A story of love and passion, tears and grief, sorcery and seduction, death and dance, where Ullate showed the very best of his art with the collaboration of the impeccable performance of Estrella Morente.


The highlight was (apart from the popular acclaim of the masterpiece) the revealing the best of the vision of Ullate, which recreates the play of light, “El fuego fatuo” so present in the whole plot. A flawless game where colors, dancing and light recreate the best of the characteristic passion of the work.


“Estrella gives her great voice and presence, putting a clasp on the whole work, his voice is like an angel and his presence as a painting by Julio Romero de Torres. It has always inspired me and so I decided to join my choreography with musical notes coming out of his magic throat. It will be a great evening that the audience will not forget.” Victor Ullate.


Paula L. Montero



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