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MEDITERRÁNEO, a new perfomance of Miguel Ángel Berna.


From January 21st to February the 1st, the zaragozano dancer and choreographer and his dance company Danza viva, presents in Teatros del Canal a proposal and an exercise of representation of different dances, arts, experiences, essences and atmospheres throughout the Mediterranean.

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Berna was an early age dancer with his traditional dance called jota tipical from their community, conjugates that with other disciplines such as ballet, contemporary dance and flamenco. He has taught master classes in Madrid and New York and has done several tours in countries like Japan, Cuba, United States, France, Greece, UK.

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Picking up the essence of the jota, with impeccable staging, introduces us to these cultures that come together around the Mare Nostrum to transport us to other times, culture, origins often forgotten but with a meaning constructed with the material basis of our arts, and in this case music and dancing.

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The word ‘Jota’ is derived from Latin and means ‘jump’. The aragonese choreographer and dancer has taken at face value and wanted to move from one to another shore in search of the origins and subsequent evolution of this land so characteristic of his dance. That quest and everything the artist learned of it has materialized in the Mediterranean. Canal Theatre.

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With the following program: Mare nostrum (Griko, Aragón, Albania), Rutas de oriente (Túnez, Aragón), Miserlou (Grecia), Pizzica (San Marzano, San Vito, Ostuni), Gallarda (Aragón, Nápoles), Mi votu e mi rivotu (Sicilia), Entre dos tierras (Aragón), Pasodoble Vicente Pastor (Aragón), Tarantella carpinese (Gargano), Percutiva (Aragón), Estilos (Aragón), Jota tarantada (Aragón, Italia); we do not want more than appreciate the good dance through performances like this.

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Paula L. Montero



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