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LOLA BLASCO, the best of her early carreer as a playwright.


Born in 1983 in Alicante, this young playwright has been established within the best of contemporary theater scene in Spain. BA in Drama by the Royal College of Dramatic Arts, formed in interpretation in the Study of Jorge Eines, MA in Humanities in the University Carlos III of Madrid where currently investigating on confession in contemporary drama and where she teaches literature class.

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In 2009 won the award Buero Vallejo for his work Pieza Paisaje en un prólogo y un acto. She has published her works Foto Finis, Oración por un caballo (Fundamentals 2007 and 2008). She is author also of Los hijos de las nubes (2011), En defensa de un teatro político-revolucionario (2011), Un concierto de despedida (Dimensions, 28) and Proyecto Milgram published by the (2012) National Drama Centre.

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As director, she founded the company in 2009 Abiosis, with which she has set her works Foto Finis; Pieza Paisaje en un prólogo y un acto, (work in which also participated as a performer and has scheduled several festivals of contemporary Spanish scene as scenes November, Alternative Theatrical or sign Contemporary Authors Spanish Theater) y Los hijos de las nubes.

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With Los Hijos de las nubes, certainly one of her best works, portrays us that existentialist nihilism, those closed eyes of spanish society, that wound and traces of the past and the empty container is now democracy. Through the history of the Sahara, a story certainly annoying, the less interesting, and hand reference to the philosophy of Walter Benjamin. Great thoughts like these: (personal translation)
Hussein – Wait.
I – What do I have to wait?
Hussein – not time yet.
I – And when will it end?
Hussein – When finished.
I – And how do you know that it’s over?
Hussein – Because the principle is understood in the end. Occurs.
I – what do we do in the meantime?
Hussein – hope. We make a representation.

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At the end a dictatorship is nothing but the agony of a dictator.

This is a trip back and forth. As they say in the Sahara: “Knowing the earth is a break.” So when I return to Spain, I will visit the tomb of Franco, pilgrimage, check it out.

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Paula L. Montero

You can read this in Spanish here.



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