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The girls with cancer are a trend, and their hot boyfriends, even more.

To be honest, I didn’t know how to start this section. I thought about it for days. A critic? An indie film that nobody knows but makes all of you go and watch it? My favorite movie? Spanish Cinema? And then, I said: “Let’s go to the movie theater to find some inspiration”; and searching the movie listings, I found the theme to write about.

Have you realized that in the Spanish Movie Listings, a while ago, there were two movies that dealt with cancer in the same way? Young girl with terminal cancer suddenly finds her true love; without forgetting about her short hair (is it natural?) and the hotness and nicest that her boyfriend is. Extraordinary couple, though he is more ordinary.


Oh, that was so rude. I’m sorry. Where did I leave my modals? I have to present the two movies: The Fault In Our Stars and Now Is Good, both adapted novels. They were released in Spain within a week from one and another in a crude attempt to reach our hearts. And I’m not talking about showing an illness and agonizing image of the human being, but I want to bring up the stupidest fatality in which they approach the ‘carpe diem’ to a modern society.

A girl, a cancer and a savior. Does it ring a bell? It is not awkward that the young girls, who relate to the character’s age, go to the movies to see ‘themselves’ and wish to have a cancer so that they can find their true love; or that they start acclaiming these two films as “Wonderful”, “Amazingly beautiful” o “As true as real life”; like if they were in a newspaper, to which, sometimes, we give too much relevancy.


Do you want to know which movie I decided to watch that day? Sunshine On Leith. Because, at least, I came out singing and not crying. Anyways, I got to see other titles as Perdona Si Te Llamo Amor. Maybe, some other day, it will deserve a wonderful, fantastic and beautiful post in this page because, even though the girl is not sick, her story seems as girly, or even more.

Amanda H.C
Translated by: Vicky Mancebo 

You can read this in Spanish here.



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