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Autumn to Spring Festival in Madrid

The new theater season 2015 will undoubtedly go to one of the biggest events in Madrid. Having whetted the appetite of viewers and fans of theater since October 2014, this 32nd Autumn to Spring Festival brings to June, one of the best proposals in contemporary theater scene.


The festival will feature nine premieres in Madrid with works coming from Canada, via Italy, France, Belgium, UK and Spain. In this edition, whose stages each year were the Canal Theatre, Teatros la Abadía, Sala Cuarta Pared y Teatro Pradillo, will receive new spaces like Sala Mirador or Nave 73.


Peter Brook, essential author in contemporary world scene, was responsible for opening of the festival with The Valley of Astonishment. But there will be more excellent high-qualified along the festival. Works works such as Merda (Cristian Ceresoli), Daisy (Rodrigo Garcia) and Green, porno live on stage by Isabella Rossellini.


Cristina Ceresoli, writer and playwright with his first play The Merda (2012), has been recognized worldwide with no less than six titles of the most prestigious in the theater scene. During his tour, The Festival will host undoubtedly one of the best proposals of contemporary art. By the way Othello Sex Machine, next work of the author, certainly also will talk. La Merda is driven by a desperate attempt to pull ourselves out of the mud, the latest products of the cultural genocide aptly described by Pier Paolo Pasolini since the modern consumer society began taking form. A totalitarianism, according to Pasolini, even more repressive than the one of the Fascist era, because it’s capable of crushing us softly.


Rodrigo García, definitely one of the best bets of the festival and founder of La Carnicería Teatro presents Daisy. This work is proposed as a reflection of the best of itself in perhaps the best moment of his career. In it we find that dirty realism, the questioning of consciousness of viewers, the direct word, stabbing, and that cultural and pop-daily reflection that characterizes the best of his career.


Finally, the great muse of the independent film Isabella Rossellini reprises his passion for wildlife with the play Green Porno, Live on Stage that closes the festival. With a performance of the most eccentric and successful, with which explores the sexual life of the creatures that inhabit our garden, Rossellini portrays that necessary to forget the man and the animal nature.

Paula L. Montero



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