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Cinema as the muse of artists.

There are a lot of people who have considered the cinema as the ultimate form of art, as the theoretician Ricciotto Canudo said “the cinema is the kind of art that unites both space and time”. For this reason, no one finds odd that such complex and perfect artistic expression has been an inspiration for many artists that owe their productions to others from yesterday and today.

Nevertheless, the way in which this inspiration called ‘cinema’ has influenced those artists is quite different. Some of them, for example, the American author Justin Reed prefer to show –sometimes in a caricaturistic way- the most widely-known artist from Hollywood movies. This is how he produces scenes with strong lines and a sharp contrast of lights and shadows similar to German expressionism, trying to emulate the graphic art from the Eighties and the comic style. His characters are femme fatale, villains and heroes who let us know more about the celluloid and show through panoramas another viewpoint of those cinema classics that captivated –and they are still on it- millions of movie watchers around the world.

Justin Reed, “Pulp Fiction”.

Massimo Carnevale also has the same kind of ideas. He shows several series and movies by doing accurate reproductions about unforgettable scenes which everybody remembered and made of oil painting. Other artists, such as Carles Ganya, prefer black and white colors to show the great classics ever. This Catalonian artist chooses the most relevant scenes to depict a full movie with his drawings and give people another point of view about the cinema. There are many characters and movie scenes that have been portrayed by this artist by using graphite and a wooden base.

Massimo Carnevale. “León el profesional” and Carles Ganya. “The artist”.

Massimo Carnevale, “León el profesional” and Carles Ganya, “The artist”.

Sometimes inspiration is not so concrete and it has to be found through observation. One example is Gina Higgins; her paintings remind us of classic American movies and film noir from the 40’s. The main characters are very beautiful and attractive women who make people think about other times, such as in her series American noir.

Gina Higgins, “Insomnia” American Noir.

Gina Higgins, “Insomnia” American Noir.

Artist do not only pay homage to, they also use cinema to criticize the society known to all of us. One of the most trite, recurrent and common topic is the one related to the princesses and characters made by Disney. At the beginning, it was considered original and an effective and useful mean of communication, but it gradually became boring, uninteresting and trivial topic. There are many examples out there, but the street art of Herr Nilsson is something remarkable. There are many of his Disney’s princesses in the streets of Sweden; these princesses have lost their innocence and they are exhibited to people as evil women who are about to attack them, an idea full of black humor which became this trited topic in something shrewd and funny.

Herr Nilsson.

Herr Nilsson.

Another artist who changed the idea of Disney’s classics in a daring way is the photographer Dina Goldstein. She uses her pictures to ruin this ideal world created by Disney and show how real life works; it is a controversial work whose message invites people to think about the world around us and our part on it.

Dina Goldstein.

Dina Goldstein.

Sara Gimeno Pose

Translated by José María Ares Martínez



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