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Rodrigo García and his comtemporary dramaturgy.


Rodrigo García born in Argentina in 1964 is a young playwright, director, set designer, actor and founder of the company La Carniceria Teatro. Claimed to have one of the the best contemporary theater proposals in recent decades, leading to receive the Europe Prize New Theatrical Reality in 2009.

She jumped from Buenos Aires to Spain in 1986, and since then with France are the backdrops, of which have fed respectively. Headlining festivals and events such as the National Drama Center (Spain), the Festival of Avignon and the Venice Biennale.


About as attractive for criticism and so difficult to do without them, García has clear references to Beckett, perhaps Brecht, and the filmmaker Luis Buñuel. But what remains clear is that Rodrigo García is Rodrigo García, and his drama as master of itself it is perfectly autonomous outside these great titles.

His way of doing theater is directly free, as contemporary verse. García has few ties, and above all what you need is a form of expression far removed from the classical theory and the laws that have ruled the world. In this way, and as a good participant in contemporary-modern or perhaps postdramatic art, Rodrigo García breaks the fourth wall and talks to a public thirsty of truths, as well as installations, videos, and performance. According to Professor José Antonio Sánchez in an attempt to “closer to reality by the destruction, unbridled imagination, contempt and poetry of the everyday”.


The thematic dialogue on the meaning in a world of planned obsolescence, where meaning has been lost between objects removable, masks and fashions that people dress, and unbridled capitalism that devours everything.


We can attend one of the best perfomances in the Fall to Spring Festival with Daisy but we want to highlight here some that have marked his career: Compré una pala en IKEA para cavar mi tumba (2003). La historia de Ronald el payaso de McDonalds (2003), Agamenón (2004), Prefiero que me quite el sueño Goya a que lo haga cualquier hijo de puta (2004), Arrojad mis cenizas sobre Mickey (2006) y Esto es así y a mí no me jodáis (2010).


Paula L. Montero



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