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Sergio Peris Mencheta and Shakespeare.

In a recent interview, Peris Mencheta announced that Madrid is being, for once, the vanguard of cultural movement, just as it was in the social sphere the 15-M. The theater is experiencing a time of relative creative splendor (Ritmos XXI). And it is true, as we saw a few days ago, that poetry is booming, theater too, and could not be otherwise than in the crossroads and arts that is the multicultural and multidisciplinary capital.


Sergio also born in Madrid, received a few weeks ago the Ercilla Award for the Best Male theater Performer for his role in Julius Caesar. But as every path has a beginning, and those of Mencheta are rooted in something very different to dramaturgy: Rugby. He was the captain of the Spanish team. And it is among others, his athletic body making it possible interpretation of swashbuckling characters like Captain Thunder or Gonzalo in the tv serie Isabel.


Also Sergio studied Law and Business at the Carlos III University, but it was the fact of getting into the group of university theater directed by Inés París, where he discovered he wanted to be an actor. By the way his last piece of work could be seen at Matadero of Madrid. A difficult but interesting work called La continuidad de los parques where you begin to appreciate the art and knowledge of Mencheta. The best thing was the dissection, through humor, of the dilemma between your truth, my truth, and the truth.


But perhaps his best role comes now, with the new theatre season: Henry VIII. Led by Ignacio García and National Classical Theatre Company (CNTC) in the Pavón Theatre in Madrid until April 26.


Paula L. Montero



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