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#LosAmigosRaros (Rare Friends)

Friends are essential in our lives. There are many kinds: friends from our hometowns, friends from the city, the ones we go to drink with, to laugh, to cry, the long distance relationship, friends with benefits, and friends that are like siblings. And then, there are Roberto Pérez Toledo’s friends.

As the director of the feature Los Amigos Raros (Rare Friends) he had the luck and the astuteness of filming his own friends and, at the same time, he had the fortune that all the audience that saw the movie felt closer to this novel director; and also everyone that supported him through social media and the visits that he has had in YouTube (more than a million).


When Los Amigos Raros was released in Cineteca del Matadero de Madrid,  inside of #littlesecretfilm, a year ago, most of the characters were there like an impassable team. They were glad for their director’s work, who had no less words than them and presented his job with proudness and confidence; showing his talent to create a story that goes around the life and death of every character that surrounds him, giving a new and original point of view to join these ten friends.


Later on, due to Instagram’s support to the film (people taking photos of them while watching the movie), Roberto organized a contest to give away a t-shirt so they could show their ‘rare friends’ side. And this way, support his second feature. This contest had so many participants that there were four winner photos; and the four of them, according to the director, ‘represented all of the tendencies that have been between the friends that watch #losamigosraros’.


Seis puntos sobre Emma (2012, Six points about Emma) and one of the episodes of Al final todos mueren (2013, Everyone dies at the end) are titles that sound like Roberto Pérez Toledo. In the first one, he took us inside Emma’s live in a special way. There has been other movies with a blind character, but the subtle difference that this director gave to her (she wanted to be a mother) marked the beginning to direct actors that we all know now in the audiovisual atmosphere (Verónica Echegui, Antonio Velázquez or Fernando Tielve). And also, other actresses and actors that we absolutely relate to the director and that we are glad to know since, like David Mora, Adrián Expósito o Laura Díaz.


His short film Los Gritones (2010, The Screamers), with Ruth Armas and Fran R. Castillo, has gone around the world. And that is only a really good example of their talent and the art that this director shows in the act of filming. Manguitos (Arm floaties), Blanco escayola (Plaster White) and An Instagram Story are more titles that keep getting his own personal stamp and that we all like to watch and show our friends.


His last words were released during Valentine’s Day, With El Corte Inglés as the producer. Pérez Toledo made five short films with the same main title: El Amor Mola (Love is cool). And those are: El amor es mentira (Love is a lie), Como dos desconocidos (Like two strangers), Cupido in love, Demostración pública de afecto (Public display of affection) and El Colchón (The Mattress).


It’s not that those short films talk about love, but the way Pérez Toledo tells little and big stories with a few shots and in the same location. That’s unique and makes us believe in his job as much as we believe in the young actors and actresses in who he trusts to pass his film passion.

Amanda H C

Translated by: Vicky Mancebo

You can read this in spanish here.



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