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Women artists: tradition and experimentation in Dalila Gonçalves’ work

Due to the endless amount of possibilities that artists have while producing artworks, it is frequent that some of the most emphasized parts of the production are the materials or the creative process itself. There are other elements, such as the idea, artfulness or the final artwork that also play an important role. In order to understand the creation, it is mandatory to assimilate and look into the technique or the materials used.

Dalila Gonçalves. “Cimento, terra e erva”. 2011/2012

Dalila Gonçalves. “Cimento, terra e erva”. 2011/2012

Dalila Gonçalves is one of them. She is a Portuguese artist whose production is a mixture of the experimentation with materials, their adaptability and a combination of different techniques and the investigation of several creative processes.

Dalila Gonçalves

Dalila Gonçalves

She uses video recordings, interactive pieces, pictures or even sculptures to come up with opposite objects related to those which may be noticed. A real change is not always necessary, just a little modification of these objects, in order to create something new while respecting the essence.

Dalila Gonçalves. Instalación

Dalila Gonçalves. Instalación

These unexpected changes emphasize Dalila Gonçalves’ cleverness and originality when she wants to explain what her artwork is about and show it to us. As the artist said: “while life and art keep blending together, the result works as a mirror and the reflection itself”, that is, the resultant duality gives more authenticity to these created objects compared to the own reality of the artist.

Dalila Gonçalves. Intalación escultórica.

Dalila Gonçalves. Intalación escultórica.

Although Dalila does not follow any artistic pattern or movement, she is aware of her roots. For that reason, she takes a close look at them, combining Portuguese tradition and craftwork with other latest concepts. In doing so, her artwork do not only emphasize the message of the artfulness, but also the experimentation and the creation of subtle pieces.

Dalila Gonçalves

Dalila Gonçalves

Sara Gimeno Pose

Translated by José María Ares Martínez

You can read this in spanish here



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